Jetstar Drops Another Sale With Flights Starting From $35!

Time to get outta here!

Jetstar Drops Another Sale With Flights Starting From $35!

Once again, Jetstar has decided to bless us all with some cheap AF flights! 

It's true that this time of year is notorious for blowing holes in your pockets, there are gifts to buy, tables that need to be filled with food, and of course, a new sale around every turn! 

And while there's a small portion of you begging you to stop spending each and every pay check, if the end of year's holiday period isn't a time yell "the hell with it!" then when is? 


So, with that spirit cemented within you, check out these flight deals from Jetstar

The sale kicked off today and ends just before midnight AEDT Thursday, December 14 - unless sold out prior! 


  • Melbourne (Avalon) to Sydney from $35
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Newcastle from $49
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Sydney from $59
  • Perth to Sydney from $119
  • Gold Coast to Sydney from $45
  • Sunshine Coast to Sydney from $59
  • Adelaide to Melbourne (Avalon) from $35
  • Adelaide to Sydney from $65
  • Brisbane to Mackay from $49
  • Brisbane to Newcastle from $45
  • Ballina Byron to Sydney from $45
  • Hobart to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $45


  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Singapore from $179
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Christchurch from $139
  • Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Honolulu from $289
  • Perth to Singapore from $109
  • Gold Coast to Auckland from $129
  • Gold Coast to Tokyo (Narita) from $259
  • Sydney to Auckland from $145
  • Cairns to Osaka from $188

For further details or to book and get the hell out of here, head to Jetstar's website