Everything About This Underwater Winery In Croatia Is Just Magnificent!

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Everything About This Underwater Winery In Croatia Is Just Magnificent!

Image: edivovina.hr

Wine lovers would have been to at least one wine tasting in their lives to nibble on terrific cheeses and drink the best wine that tantalizes your tastebuds.

Some people would say that if you've been to wine tasting, then you've been to them all...

Well, we're here to tell those people that not every winery is the same because there's one underwater and it's BREATHTAKING!


If you head over to a town called Drače in Croatia, you'll find the Ediva Vino winery which creates their wine in an underwater sanctuary.

Ediva Vino encourages guests to dive with them to discover their unique wine-making process and, as an added bonus, you can explore a sunken ship that's located right by the winery!


Now, not everything here is done underwater.

Ediva Vino's wine is aged on land before being placed in amphorae, which is a clay jug with two separate handles, and placed into the sea for two years!

So, you might be wondering why they decided yo put the wine in clay jugs and drop it in the ocean?

Well, the clay jugs give the wine a pinewood aroma and the idea for aging their wine underwater came from the belief that "the sea provides natural cooling in ideal conditions and the perfect silence underwater improves the quality.”



Travelling to Croatia to taste this wine would be an amazing experience, but if you can't do that right now but want to try it anyway, you can purchase a bottle on Ediva Vino's website!


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