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7 STUNNING Travel Spots To Escape To This Autumn!

Go on an adventure!

7 STUNNING Travel Spots To Escape To This Autumn!

Summer is gone, yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the cooler weather and put in for some holiday leave!

The leaves might be starting to fall off our trees this winter, but rake up the ones still left on your money tree to enjoy an Autumn break with these faves!

Take in beautiful landscapes and escape the nine to five!

Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

With stunning beach walks and surrounded by pink granite mountains which overlook Oyster Bay’s blue waters, this is the perfect close-to-home destination.

May is the cheapest time to travel here, so get booking!


National Park, New Zealand

Nothing beats New Zealand for some stunning landscapes!

National Park is a small town in NZ and the best place to visit at the starting point to Tongariro National Park! 

It’s one of he country’s oldest parks and has amazing lakes and three active volcanos. 

Now is the best time to travel here before temps drop!

The ‘Bride to Nowhere’ is a must see!


Storms River, South Africa

Take a trip West and head to this small village, close to the Storms River Mouth and Tsitsikamma National Park!

It’s the start to the stunning Otter hiking trail, as well as the Dolphin Trail - so grab your hiking boots and go on an adventure!

May is 27% more affordable than the most expensive time of the year. 


Pedra Azul, Brazil

The natural beauty of this place will astound you… 

Perfect for trekking, thanks to the granite rock formations, you can hire a guide and hike all the way up to natural pools inside the rock!

Now is the best time to travel!


Esquel, Argentina

You’ll find this town at the foot of the Andes Mountains!

It’s the perfect place to explore the Los Alerces National Park and is one of the most beautiful in Patagonia. 

Grab a fishing rod and enjoy relaxing the day away in nature!

Travel here in May, it’s 24% cheaper than the expensive months.


Sideman, Indonesia

This beauty is a valley with terraced rice hills and dramatic backdrops - the perfect place for relaxation!

This spot is one of the most endorsed by travellers with, because it’s tranquil, scenic, and the most peaceful nature escape!

Avoid the rainy season and hefty prices and travel now!


Franz Joseph, New Zealand

Of course New Zealand takes home two spots on this list. 

It’s highly popular and loved for its glacier tours and stunning landscapes. 

This small town is most peaceful in Autumn and you’ll get your holiday up to 50% cheaper than the expensive months if you travel in May. 

Don’t miss the glacier walk! It’s picturesque!


Where do YOU want to travel to this Autumn?

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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