7 Magical Castles You Can STAY At & Feel Like Royalty

#BucketList these babies!

7 Magical Castles You Can STAY At & Feel Like Royalty Booking.com

We all grew up wishing we could have a taste of the royal life, only to realise that our reality better lined up with Lorde’s lyrics that we’ll never be royals, coz it don’t run in our blood…

Not only does our money sitch remind us of this, but so does everything that’s been happening in the royal family of late. 

There are more babies on the way for the Prince William Duke of Cambridge and his wife Catherine, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to get married on May 19!

That kind of everyday royal luxe might not be for us and while we may not be invited to the wedding we CAN still get our dose of living it large by staying in some gorgeous REAL castles on a budget that suits us ‘commoners’!

There’s a wide range of affordable and incredible castle stays that you can fall in love with, thanks to Booking.com, so get out your #BucketList and start planning!

Castello Di Pavone – Pavone Canavese, Italy

In need of a charming hotel? Castello Di Pavone is an ancient castle surrounded by a tropical garden, with rooms mixed with traditional elements, and it offers a  truly unique setting steeped in history. 

There are even a variety of dining halls, all with unique feature like chandeliers, to make you feel like you’re the Belle of the ball!


Parador de Cardona Cardona, Spain

Want to feel like you’re in the middle of a Game Of Thrones episode? Look no further!

Parador de Cardona is a 9th-century castle with a truly magical backdrop. 

There’s  panoramic views over the Catalonian countryside, as well as medieval interiors, vaulted ceilings, stone walls and stunning courtyards.

You’ll get treated to delicious and authentic Catalonian cuisines, and retreat to magical bedrooms with canopy beds, theatrical lighting and fabrics fit for royal members!


The Castle Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dalian – Dalian, China 


This is straight out of a fairy tale… 

The iconic Castle Hotel is only a step away from Xinghai Square – the largest city square in the world. You’ll get high-end accommodation and the royal treatment you know you deserve. 

Surrounded by lush forests, this luxurious property features elegantly decorated rooms and you will feel like you’ve left your common life behind when you’re treated to some stellar spa treatments. 


Ballynahinch Castle Hotel - Ballynahinch, Ireland

With the stunning backdrop of the 12 Bens Mountain Range, this castle in the Galway County will have you feeling like the pretty little Galway girl or guy you know you are. 

Love nature? You’re in for something special! The large estate has loads of activities to make you feel like a royal, from pony trekking, to woodcock shooting or just relaxing as you saunter by the lake and the river to appreciate the bigger picture of life. 


Roch Castle – Roch, UK

This beauty overlooks the St Brides Bay and will transport you to a mystical 12th-century time. 

Rich Castle dates back THAT far and will give you a unique insight into history while also doubling as one of the most romantic getaways you’ll ever experience!


Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac – Quebec City, Canada

Located in Old Quebec, this heritage castle boasts views of the St. Lawrence River and the Old fortified City that will astound you. 

Make yourself at home in a luxurious, European-style room, and treat yourself to their spa facilities, as well as exploring all you can of Quebec City! 


RAAS Devigarh – Delwara, India

Want to opt for something out of the ordinary? 

Choose to stay at the RAAS Devigarh in India!

Housed in an 18th-century palace in the village of Delwara, this heritage beauty is nestled among the Aravalli Hills.

With mountain backdrops so picture-perfect, a lovely library for you to cozy up and read in, and spacious suites with ornate furnishings and carved archways, you won’t want to pass this one up… 


Did one of these capture your heart?

Well then, it looks like you better put in for some time off work and get traveling!


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