We Had No Idea You Could Do These Tricks On Snapchat


We Had No Idea You Could Do These Tricks On Snapchat

We don’t want to be dramatic but these Snapchat secrets are about to change your life….

We all use it everyday but we really don’t know how good it can be….

These secrets you need to know!!

Believe it or not, but you can…

Use Two Filters At Once

MIND BLOWN, you can use a geofilter, and a photo filter, or even two photo filters, layered?

Just swipe over photo as usual to add first filter and then hold down the screen with one finger and carefully swipe over it with another finger to add the extra filter.

It can be pretty hard and it might take a few tries, but you’ll thank us later!

Reuse Old Lenses

Once the puppy filters disappeared and we almost cried… well, it turns out, if this happens again you can actually get it back.

All you need to do is change the date in your settings to a date when it existed, you have access to the old lense!

Step 1: Settings- General - Date & Time - Unselect "set automatically."

Add Extra Text To Your Snap

When you don't have any room for added text, NEVER FEAR!!

All you need to do it use the Notes app, write up what you want to say, then copy it.

Open Snapchat and paste into the textfield and then manually move the cursor to next line

Add Friends Who Are Close Without Their Contact Info

This one is super easy, just go to the "add friends" page and selecting "add nearby."

Use Emojis As Filters

Choose any emoji with the colour of your choice, then stretch out the emoji, and believe it or not, but the watch the primary colour filters your photo.

You’re welcome guys.