Update Your Damn Phones Because Ginger Emojis Are Really, Finally, Here

What a time to be alive

Update Your Damn Phones Because Ginger Emojis Are Really, Finally, Here Apple

We've been waiting a long time to be able to say this but yes, it's true: red-headed emojis are finally, officially here and you can use them NOW.

This changes the game! 

Yesterday afternoon, Apple released their latest software update, iOS 12.1, meaning that your iPhone has a host of new features ready and waiting for your enjoyment.

But while 98% of the population is probably more concerned with the new group FaceTime function, the rangas among us will be delighted to hear that the much-talked about ginger character is part of the new pack of emojis.


Yes, there are lobsters and kangaroos and cupcakes now too but, after years of neglect (we're still salty about the fact that there was a mermaid, a fairy and a zombie emoji first but whatever) we're now represented in cartoon form.

It's all part of Apple's attempt at celebrating diversity, said Emojipedia's Jeremy Burge back in July.

"As always, some of the most vocal requests for new emojis are about representation, and this update delivers some of the most common requests," Burge told CNN on World Emoji Day.

"In particular, the redheads and curly haired options are likely to be popular."

To access your new emojis, all you have to do is download the new software update, which should be sitting there ready and waiting.

Remember this day fam. It's the day the world changed.

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