Nintendo Patented A PLAYABLE Game Boy Phone Case

Goodbye free time!

Nintendo Patented A PLAYABLE Game Boy Phone Case Nintendo / Digital Trends

Beloved company Nintendo has just patented a phone case that doubles as a Game Boy, allowing users to actually play all those nostalgic games the love on it!

Siliconera spotted the patent, filed in March 2018, explaining that it details a phone cover which encloses a smartphone like a leather flip case, and the front section if left open for the Game Boy screen. Buttons are also on the front allowing you to play and enter inputs via the touchscreen on the phone. 

They wrote, "One of the key features of this Game Boy casing is the ability for inputs on the buttons on the casing to be sensed by the touchscreen beneath the buttons.”

The case essentially doubles as a controller for your phone, doing so with a “conductive sheet within the cover that enables the touchscreen to sense the input when the nub on the bottom side touches the touchscreen, in the same way human fingers are sensed.”

Unfortunately, the patent doesn’t guarantee they’ll make the product… 

But we sure as hell hope they do!


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