Here’s How You Can Win $1K Without Leaving Your Bed

Yes, we are talking about AlphaBuck$

Here’s How You Can Win $1K Without Leaving Your Bed

Listen, we don’t wanna create a scene with this… but this is very big news.

In case you didn’t know, AlphaBuck$ is now an app… yup, an actual app that you can play at home, in bed. Bless. 

AlphaBuck$ is now available to play on your iOS device! 

You played it on air with us... and now it is all up to you!

The app is based on the game you’ve heard across the Hit Network, and it features a massive range of categories for you to test your knowledge with.

You’ll be given a letter and a category and will need to think of an answer as fast as you can. 

The more uncommon your answers are, the more points and coins you will score. 


Best of all there’s a weekly $1000 cash prize! You’ll need to use your coins to enter the prize draw, and can increase your chances of winning by entering multiple times.

Download it now from the app store here