You Can Now Buy Swimmers With Your BFF’s Face On Them

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You Can Now Buy Swimmers With Your BFF’s Face On Them Etsy @ GuestbookeryGuestbookery

We’ve seen sheets you can get your besties face printed on, temporary tattoos you can get custom-made with your besties face, and now we finally have:

Swimsuits with your BFF’s face on them.

Because what says ‘you’re my besets friend in the whole world’ more than strutting your stuff at the beach in a pair of swimmers with their face on it?!

Etsy seller GuestbookeryGuestbookery is selling the quirky costume, for $56.05.

You might be thinking, ‘Mate, I’m not paying that much!’, but it’s pretty standard when it comes to swimwear. 

Plus, how can you even put a price on the love you have for your BFF?

Money doesn’t even become a problem. 

The swimmers have gotten some great reviews on the page, praising the delivery and the quality, so if you’re looking for a present for your bestie, maybe this is it…

You can find them HERE.


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