This Product Is Sold In A Priceline Store Every 30 Seconds & We Can See Why!

It's the handiest thing ever!

This Product Is Sold In A Priceline Store Every 30 Seconds & We Can See Why! @pricelineau Instagram

Yesterday, Priceline announced it's most popular product and although we love a good moisturiser and fake tan, that wan't what was being sold in stores every 30 seconds!

Turns out Australia has become a country full of dry shampoo devotees!

These days, no one has time to wash their hair every single day and now it looks like dry shampoo has become the go to product, bypassing every other popular hair care product.

Priceline state manager Josie Bolton explained yesterday at a press event that dry shampoo, although its been around for years, has really gained traction here in Australia because it not only cleans the hair, but it can also add volume.

"It's been around for years as everybody knows, but it just keeps growing for us as a category.

"We sold over 985,000 bottles of dry shampoo last year, which is about one every 30 seconds, so it's a really fabulous category for us."

Priceline currently stocks a large variety of brands that create dry shampoo, but the most popular brand is Batiste.


The British brand claims to be "the World's Number One Dry Shampoo" and has about sixteen different types of dry shampoo for customers to try, including products specifically formulated for different hair colours.

Klorane is also a popular brand for the store, with the French hair company creating their sprays with oat milk to add "freshness, volume and texture" to the hair.


What's your favourite brand of dry shampoo?

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