This Hair Meme Is Confusing Men Across The Globe & Ladies Are Loving It!

Do you get it?

This Hair Meme Is Confusing Men Across The Globe & Ladies Are Loving It! @payt_xoxo Twitter / NBC

What was the last great meme that you saw whilst surfing the internet?

Memes are probably the greatest things ever and women all over the world can't stop laughing at this hair meme that Twitter user Peyton created...


It's amazing right?!

About 23,718 ladies on Twitter have been quick to retweet this bad boy and that number is STILL growing, but there's one problem.

The guys don't get it!

A lot of men have commented on the meme asking for an explanation because they just don't see what's so funny about a girl's curly hair...


And the girls just couldn't help but laugh at their confusion!


If you're just as in the dark about the meme, then let us enlighten you.

Peyton is a hairdresser and she took photos of a client's hair before the curl style was completed and after.

On the left, we see the soft, beautiful waves that the client had asked for and what many women love doing to their hair.

On the right, we have thick ringlets that Warren Brown, a hairstylist from Liverpool, told LADbible literally, no one asks for!

"The picture on the right is before the hair was styled into the picture on the left.

"No one would really ever ask to have their hair styled like the right-hand side picture."


Case closed!