This Brand Lets You Make Your Own Shampoo 'Cause No One Understands You Like You Do!

You can name it after yourself!

This Brand Lets You Make Your Own Shampoo 'Cause No One Understands You Like You Do! @functionofbeauty Instagram

So, you have frizzy hair and you decided to buy a shampoo to smooth it all out. It works, but it makes your scalp oily.

Then, you buy a shampoo that is supposed to fix your oily scalp, but, it makes your hair frizzy again.

Sometimes, hair products serve only one function, which means you have about 6 million products shoved into your bathroom cabinet, just so you have control over it.

But what if you could just have one shampoo and one conditioner that does everything for you?

This is where Function Of Beauty steps in.


The haircare brand allows customers to create shampoo and conditioner that focuses on no less than five different hair issues to give them full control over their unruly strands.

Do you want to strengthen your hair, give it more volume, de-frizz it, protect your new foils AND stop your scalp from getting so oily?

You can make a shampoo and conditioner that does all five things at once and even decide what it smells like!


If you head to Function Of Beauty's website, all you need to do to create your signature shampoo and conditioner is complete their quiz!

First, you describe what kind of hair you have, then you pick the five things you want your shampoo and conditioner to do for your hair and finally, you can pick the colour, scent and name of your signature formula!


If you're not a fan of fancy dyes and fragrances, you can also opt to not have either in your mixture.

Unfortunately, these guys don't ship outside the U.S just yet, but if you're heading to America anytime soon, make sure to grab yourself a few bottles to take home with you!