These Simple Things Could Be Making Your Hair Oilier

Fix them!

These Simple Things Could Be Making Your Hair Oilier

If you suffer from oily or greasy hair then you’ll know the struggle of keeping your locks looking fresh day to day!

But before reaching for the dry shampoo, check if you’re making any of these common hair mistakes. 

Too Much Conditioner

Such a basic issue, but so easy to correct. Don’t overload your hair with conditioner! Just condition the ends and not the roots of your hair, and just a minimal amount.  

Overloading With The Wrong Products

Oily hair still needs styling products, but you’re going to be better off using light formulas and small amounts of product. And make sure to focus any shine products on the ends of your hair, not the roots. 

Not Cleaning Your Hairbrush

Your hairbrush has the potential to be covered in bacteria, dust and old product remnants. Plus a hairbrush covered with old hair could actually be transferring any greasy residue back onto your head! Give it a clean immediately.

Touching Your Hair Too Much

Have you noticed the hair around your face gets oily first? This is probably because you touch it all the time, brushing it out of your eyes and playing with it. You’re transferring the oil from your fingers straight onto your hair. Stop touching it.

Washing It Too Often

People with greasy locks will often become daily hair washers, but this could be a mistake. Try going two or three days in between washes, and this is the time to use dry shampoo if you’re getting really desperate!  

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