The World’s Best Fake Tan Is Aussie & You’ll Want To Stock Up

Do YOU use this?!

The World’s Best Fake Tan Is Aussie & You’ll Want To Stock Up Instagram @ Emma Garden

Summer is officially over and while the heat hasn’t completely settled, it’s time to stock up on all the summer goods to get you through the colder winter months that are surely ahead of us. 

For a lot of you, one of those essentials is without a doubt: fake tan. 

Sound about right?

Well, this popular Aussie brand of fake tan has been hailed as the number one fake tan in the world and not only are we wearing our Aussie pride on our sleeve, but we’re also going to stock up for winter ASAP. 


Bondi Sands is the brand and they recently released their 1 Hour Express Tanning Foam, and already sales have gone through the roof. 


Harper’s Bazaar in the UK reported that 100,000 units of it have already been sold in a month!

In Australia, Priceline has had 55,000 fly off their shelves, establishing it as a sure fire hit amongst customers. 


The product guarantees the “ultimate bronzed experience in just one hour” and we’re sure as hell going to be using this all winter to keep our summer glow going all year… 

You can shop this beauty bargain HERE


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