The Iconic Just Released A 'Shazam For Clothes’ Tool & Not A Second Too Soon!

The perfect shopping assistant!

The Iconic Just Released A 'Shazam For Clothes’ Tool & Not A Second Too Soon! Buena Vista Pictures

The Iconic has just launched a tool that will make shopping for fuss-pots (like me) a whole lot easier! 

We've all been there; you're scrolling through Instagram only to stumble across the world's chicest pair of heels, earring, jeans - whatever! You quickly rush to their website to make them yours, although, only to your dismay, they're out of your size, don't ship to Australia, OR will cost you about three months rent. 

Your phone then slowly becomes littered with screenshots of items that weren't meant to be... but, what if we told you, you could make them 'be', the next time the above scenario hits you by surprise? 

WELL, we're pleased to tell you that The Iconic has just launched a tool for exactly that!

Snap To Shop - which can be found in the search bar of The Iconic's App - is the 'Shazam for clothes', and will act as your digital personal shopper when you're after that super specific item! 

Take this red dress from Verge Girl for example: 

Here's what pops up in Iconic's search: 

Or take this v cute Petal and Pup dress: 

The result: 

Now, it doesn't always toss out the greatest search results; I put in a bikini before and got nothing but watches in return, but hey - have some fun and play around with it! 

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