The Average Amount That Aussie Brides Are Spending On Wedding Dresses Will Make You Cry

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The Average Amount That Aussie Brides Are Spending On Wedding Dresses Will Make You Cry NBC

When you're getting married (whether it's on TV or in real life) there's only one thing that needs to be entirely perfect: the wedding dress.

Whether you prefer the traditional white gown, a coloured piece, or even a black dress, the wedding gown is usually a very high priority when the wedding is being planned.

Wedded Wonderland, Australia's most popular wedding website, decided to do a quick survey with some of their readers to find out how much an Aussie bride is willing to spend on the dress to end all dresses.


Their survey, which collected data from over 500 women in Australia, found that the average amount that brides are happy to drop on a wedding dress, is about $5,180!

Yes, you read that correctly.

The amount had risen 29 per cent in the last 12 months with brides in 2017 saying that they were willing to drop only $4,000 on the dress.

Turns out that's not the only price that's risen in the last 12 months, though.

Australians are spending more money on the wedding as a whole, with couples willing to spend an average of $51,245 on the event in 2018, but in 2017, they were only willing to spend $48,624.


So why are we willing to spend so much money on a wedding?

Well, Wedded Wonderland's founder Wendy El Khoury says the influence of social media has people opting for a more Instagrammable ceremony!

"Social media and reality TV has had a huge impact on the way Aussies celebrate love and marriage.

"Instagrammable moments' have become a phenomenon at weddings, as well as the need to introduce surprise elements for guests."

The survey also found that Aussies are willing to spend an eye-wateringly large amount on engagement rings, videographers and photographers for the ceremony, as well as groomsmen's suits and flowers.


The average amount Australian will spend on an engagement ring currently sits at $10,423 and people are willing to pay a whopping $3,611 on photographers and $3,507 on videographers!

Couples are only willing to spend $929 on bridesmaids dresses and $1,087 on groomsmen suits, so creating the perfect memories definitely seems to be the main goal, rather than making sure the bridesmaids look good...

The survey also found that people are happy to spend an average of $6,704 on flowers for the ceremony and reception, which is only $2000 less than what people said they'd spend on their honeymoon!

If there's one thing that all of this data tells us, is that a wedding is special, but also, very expensive in this day and age...


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