The 4 Aussie Swimwear Brands That Are Going To Dominate Summer In 2018

Need some new swimmers?

The 4 Aussie Swimwear Brands That Are Going To Dominate Summer In 2018 @mattaeuswim Instagram

Summer is officially here and you know what that means, time to invest in some brand new swimwear!

There are some people who hold onto their trusted bikinis and one pieces over the course of various summers, and then we have those who like to refresh their summer wardrobe every December with brand new swimmers.

It may not be the kindest thing for your wallet, but if it makes you feel amazing, then why not?!

If you're in the market for some new swimwear this summer, we've gathered together some of Australia's favourite cult brands to help you start summer in the fanciest way possible!

These brands make great pieces that will surely last you for years to come, so if you want to stop spending money on new swimmers every summer, these are the brands you need!

Matteau Swim

Mattaeu Swim is a brand that creates luxury resort swimwear for women and represents classic style whilst also standing for simplicity. Basically, these are quality swimmers that will never go out of style and last you for years! 

This brand has created a very unique image for itself with classic designs that are very minimalistic. It's not hard to spot a Mattaeu bikini on the beach!

Triangl Swimwear 

Triangl became popular a few years ago when women fell in love with their signature triangle bikinis that came in bold colours that stood out no matter where you were.

Now, the brand has expanded and has SO MANY amazing designs to choose from, including this amazing bandeau bikini!

Camp Cove Swim

This swimwear label is a bit different from the others because it has a vintage '70s aesthetic.

Each piece is a flashback to a time where dancing in the sprinkler and sliding down a tarp with detergent on it was what summer was all about!

These guys are trying to bring that summer fun back into our lives with these cool pieces and yeah, we're getting a bit nostalgic just looking at them!


Marysia swimwear has become known for it's delicate cuts and feminine aesthetic.

You may have seen scallop-trimmed briefs and swimmers hovering around shops recently, well, this is the brand that kickstarted that trend!

These guys also make cute swimwear for kids so you can all wear matching swimmers on your next trip to the beach!

What's your favourite swimwear brand?

Let us know in the comments!