‘Strandlighting’ Is The 2018 Trend That Won't Wreck Your Hair

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‘Strandlighting’ Is The 2018 Trend That Won't Wreck Your Hair Instagram @ hairbykaleighb / @shearbeautybybecca

You probably already have a long list of hair trends you want to try, but what’s one more stellar choice to add to your list?

The beauty world is currently in love with the new trend of ‘Strandlighting’.


The trend sets out to keep your hair looking natural, by using a delicate technique which takes individual, spaced-out strands of hair, separating them into foils, to give you a brightened-but-natural look!

By colouring small amounts of hair at a time, it ensures that the colour change blends with your natural hair!


It’s much better for your hair, as you’re not colouring large amounts at a time. By using less bleach through individually dyeing hair a strand at a time, it leads to less hair damage!

It’s low-maintenance, meaning you won’t have to constantly go get your roots re-dyed. 


We’re in love with this trend & we’re betting you will be, too!

Share some pics of your strandlighting hairstyle in the Facebook comments!


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