Someone Made Socks For Thongs & We Did NOT Need Them

No. Just NO.

Someone Made Socks For Thongs & We Did NOT Need Them Instagram @ jarbogarn

It has come to my attention that the whole ‘let’s wear socks with thongs’ trend has picked up speed. 

Everywhere I go, there’s at least one person sporting the style and it’s gaining popularity for a reason I am really not sure of!

Now, the trend has gotten so popular that someone has invented special socks to wear with your thongs… because they’re totally something we need…



People are taking to Instagram to share their handiwork and to everyone who hates pineapple on pizza, the real crime is actually socks with thongs… 


If anyone ever catches me getting in on this trend, please send me this… 

For those who love to wear socks with thongs, PLEASE explain your reasoning to me?

Please and thank you. 


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