‘Skin Growth’ Jewellery Is The GROSS New Trend We Did Not Need

What the actual F...

‘Skin Growth’ Jewellery Is The GROSS New Trend We Did Not Need Instagram @ Chrissy Teigen / @ Kim Kardashian

2018 has delivered enough wacked out trends already that we thought they’d be over and done with.

But no.

They’re not.

Because in has walked the ‘skin growth’ jewellery trend and we just can’t even with it.

Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen both took to social media to share footage of their new skin-toned, almost growth-like jewellery, designed by A Human - the experimental concept of Kim’s friend, Simon Huck.

We’re guessing this is all a promo of sorts for Simon’s new exhibition that twists the way we look at fashion, asking people, “When you can change your body like you change your clothes, does your appearance lose all meaning, or does it mean everything?”

Not only this, but he posed the idea of high-heel implants…


This is definitely a new take on body modification, but we’re really not sure it’ll catch on…


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