Presenting The Weirdest Sneakers You'll See Today

Wearable or terrible?

Presenting The Weirdest Sneakers You'll See Today Vetements

In today's weird fashion segment, we will be highlighting a new sneaker that brings the "ugly dad sneaker" up to a whole new level.

French fashion brand Vetements (which is French for clothing too, by the way) has created a sneaker that somehow combines the work boot with the platform sneaker and... some other stuff.

Images: Vetements 

The shoes have been made in collaboration with Reebok and are coated in tan nubuck leather until that monstrous sole takes over.

Something tells us that it would be very difficult to walk in these shoes... they just look like they would be the heaviest things on earth!

The shoes can be pre-ordered for $2,240 from Barney's New York now, if you're into this sort of thing. 

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