Planning A Wedding? The Bridesmaid Dress Colour Of 2018 Is Here!

Getting married this year?

Planning A Wedding? The Bridesmaid Dress Colour Of 2018 Is Here! Universal Pictures

The bridesmaid dress colour of 2018 has been announced and if you're planning on getting hitched this year, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

To be fair, there's no easy decision making when it comes to planning a wedding; from the catering to the venue to the date and everything in between. 

But, if there's one decision that needs extra attention and TLC, it's that of choosing your bridesmaids' dresses. 

Will you allow your bridesmaids to pick their own dress? Will they wear the same colour but different styles? Does the colour wash anyone out? Do all your girls feel comfortable in the cut? Does the dress blow everyone's budget? Is there that one friend who looks just that bit *too* good in their dress? (B**ch!) 

Well, while we can't help with any of the above predicaments, there's at least one other important question which has already been answered for you nice and early in the new year - the bridesmaid dress colour of 2018! 

According to wedding site Wedding Wire, the colour all brides will want their posse in this year is Nostalgia Rose. 

Pantone's Nostalgia Rose

The word is, that Nostalgia Rose is the new Blush - which, if you recall, has been the ~it~ bridesmaid dress colour for quite some time. 

The colour is quite similar to that of Blush, however, upon second glance you can better see the deeper tones of purple, giving it almost an earthier feel than the pretty pink. 

Would you consider Nostalgia Rose as your bridesmaids' dress colour? Let us know in the Facebook comments!