People Are Using Lipstick As Eyeliner & It Looks AMAZING

Give this a try!

People Are Using Lipstick As Eyeliner & It Looks AMAZING Jalia MK

Beauty addicts certainly know the tips and tricks of the makeup world for us all to gush over… and this is one of those hacks you will LOVE. 

While we all search for the perfect eyeliner to create that magical wing, it turns out we could be using liquid lipstick as well!

Reddit’s r/MakeupAddiction is host to some truly incredible makeup hacks and this is where the whole ‘use liquid lipstick as eyeliner’ hack has come from. 

The look is easy to achieve and will cut the cost of makeup for you, by switching out your eyeliner for creamy and EYE-SAFE liquid lipstick. 


Beauty vloggers like Jalia MK have already given this a go, using products like Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick to achieve a bold cat-eye. 

Liquid lipstick gives you a broader range of colours to choose from, but the only down fall is that it doesn’t have the staying power of eyeliner and can smudge more easily. 

But beware: make sure the products you’re using are safe to use near and on your eye area~

Check the labels first and it is best to avoid red shades, as these often contains colours and dyes that are dangerous for your eye area!


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