Outrage Over Kmart's Ridiculous Clothing Sizing

"Ridiculous sizing!"

Outrage Over Kmart's Ridiculous Clothing Sizing File Image

A woman’s complaints about the sizing at Kmart have gone viral – with many saying the sizes are way off.

The woman shared an image (which has since been removed) of a black and white skirt with the caption:  “Bought my first size 18 skirt today. F**k you Kmart for your ridiculous sizing,” 

Her post attracted many supportive comments from other women who sympathised with her plight:

“I know how u (sic) feel I’m a size 12 usually but had to buy size 16 in their pants,” one person said. “Crazy sizing”.

“I’m usually a size 6-8 and bought a size 16 dress in summer!,” another added.

 Another woman said she was a size 14, but had to buy a size 18 bikini bottoms.

In Australia there is no standard sizing, meaning shops create their own size system, which makes it tricky for shoppers to know what to buy. 

While it can be upsetting to be a 10 in one store and a 14 in another - we have a simple solution - just cut the tag off!