'My Little Pony’ #GitterMasks Are Here & Nothing Makes More Sense


'My Little Pony’ #GitterMasks Are Here & Nothing Makes More Sense GlamGlow

My Little Pony was one of those toys we all knew and loved growing up, and while we may not get to play with them anymore, there’s a new way you can totally bring your My Little Pony love into adulthood:

My Little Pony #GlitterMasks!

GlamGlow has just announced they are teaming up with Hasbro to release three ‘My Little Pony’ versions of their infamous #GlitterMask GravityMud!

There’s going to be a black one inspired by Princess Luna


A purple sparkly one for Twilight Sparkle


And a bright, bubblegum-pink one for Pinkie Pie!


These My Little Pony #GlitterMasks contain propriety combinations of ingredients like marshmallow, licorice leaf, Icelandic kelp, glacial clay, and red algae, that will all instantly tighten skin and make it more resilient.

2018 really is delivering the goods… 

Will YOU be trying these out?!


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