Jewellery For Your Crotch Exists & WTF

We're not sure what to think...

Jewellery For Your Crotch Exists & WTF Universal Pictures / BoDivas

Continuing with the trend of weird AF things, we’ve just stumbled upon something we never thought we’d see: crotch jewellery. 

We’re not joking. 

A Japanese company has created what they call the Beachtail, which is a weird looking piece of jewellery that you hang from your bikini bottoms.


The company, BoDivas, label their creation as “classy” and unique, and they can be worn with underwear, shorts, bikini briefs and g-strings.

They’ve emphasised that they can be worn in private AND public. 

Hanging from the chain are gems that are oh so sparkly, but we’re not sure why anyone wants to draw all attention to their crotch. 


The chains range from $19.50 - $22.50, and are 7.5cm in length. 

Would YOU wear this?

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