High Heel Brows Just Topped Off 2018’s WTF Trends

What is happening to the world?

High Heel Brows Just Topped Off 2018’s WTF Trends Instagram @ skyzeditz

We’ve heard of braided brows, barbed-wire brows, Christmas tree brows, and even halo brows. 

Never did we think we’d hear of high heel brows, but yet again we’re surprised, because they’re the next ‘trend’ on the rise online. 



High heel brows are the creation from Instagram user @skyzeditz, who manipulated her brow into the shape of a high heel. 

She is also the mastermind behind fishtail brows (pictured below). 


We get that creating the next unique trend is all the craze on social media at the moment, but we’re not sure whether everyone’s going to be too keen on donning high heels on their brows as well as their feet. 


Of course, the trend was created to be funny, so kudos for this one @skyzeditz. 


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