Here's Proof That Even Beauty Bloggers Can Get Horrible Haircuts

We're not alone!

Here's Proof That Even Beauty Bloggers Can Get Horrible Haircuts

It's happened to the best of us.

You head into the hair salon, hoping to get a cut that will make you look stunning, but then you leave looking like a five-year-old has hacked at your hair with plastic scissors.


Many of us would believe that beauty bloggers have wonderful hairdressers who would never make mistakes like this, but unfortunately, it's recently happened to one.


Blogger Chloe Morello went in for a quick snip today and came out with bangs that were shorter than she had wanted and looked extremely blunt.

She showed her Snapchat followers photos of the horrible cut this morning and yep, it's actually awful.

“I look disgusting. I asked for… not this, basically."

Chloe said she went into the hairdressers asking for a "curtain" fringe and definitely didn't get what she wanted.

"Why is my fringe that far back on my head?

"I told him I like little pieces on the side... and this is what he gives me.

"My fringe is literally shorter at the back than at the front."

Chloe asked her followers for advice on how to fix her beloved locks and luckily, a few experts were able to help her out.

One suggested that the blogger should "get a couple tape in extensions (or keratin bonds) to hide it" whilst others told her to braid her hair while she sleeps.

We don't know if those methods will work, but we can't help but feel for Chloe right now.


After all, we've all been there.