Gryffindor & Butterbeer Hair Has Us Spellbound!

We LOVE this!

Gryffindor & Butterbeer Hair Has Us Spellbound! Instagram @ Crystalchaos / @codakisahair

Our obsession with all things Harry Potter has just been taken to a whole new level with this hot new hair trend we are SO going to try right now. 

Out are the days of rose gold hair and IN are the days of Gryffindor hair!


That’s right, hair colouring in the theme of our fave house, Gryffindor, is the hot new trend we cannot get over. 

Created by Virginia Beach-based colourist Crystal Casey, Gryffindor hair is taking over Instagram.. 


Combining Gryffindor’s red and yellow house colours with hints of blue, green and purple, this magical optical illusion of a hair style has us spellbound. 

Crystal achieved the look by bleaching parallel stripes into the hair, before then using balayage and colour melting techniques to get an amazing pattern!

Want to try something a little different?

Why not give #ButterBeerHair a try!


These looks are defs our ticket into Hogwarts...


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