'Groovy Chick' Is Back, So Get Ready To Hit Peak 2000’s Again

Groovy baby...

'Groovy Chick' Is Back, So Get Ready To Hit Peak 2000’s Again Facebook @ Disney Store & Primark Pick Ups

If you grew up during the nineties and in the noughties then mate, you KNOW how darn cool Groovy Chick was. 

We are sure your mum bought you everything with the Groovy Chick girl on it, from pencil cases, to shirts and jumpers. 

Of course, as we grow older, we grow out of our totally cool phases and into new angsty teen ones and eventually into adults who feel like the world is constantly sucking away our souls. 

Not to be all cynical…

But now, we can finally reclaim a little bit of our inner Groovy Chick, because the iconic character is becoming popular again and we need these new products asap. 

Overseas brand Primark is now stocking Bang On The Door Groovy Chick socks in three different designs and, yes, we want them all. 


They were first spotted by Facebook page Disney Store & Primark Pick Ups.

You can get Groovy Chick on purple socks, Starlet on pink socks, or Go Girl on grey ones. 

We’re desperately trying to hunt these down and get our overseas mates to bag these bargains for us...

Even if we are just wearing these around the house, we are going to feel connected to our inner child again and that’s exactly what we all need right now. 

Find some other Groovy Chick products HERE.  


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