Go Bonkers Over RAINBOW Spray-On Headbands

This is SO pretty...

Go Bonkers Over RAINBOW Spray-On Headbands

Image Credit: Instagram @ Allen Thomas Wood. 

Everyone is obsessed with anything to do with rainbows, because our childhood will forever live on, and there’s a new rainbow trend that has caught everyone’s attention. 

The new trend combines your love for rainbows with your fave childhood hair accessory reimagined, and churned out this:

Rainbow spray-on headbands. 


Bumble and Bumble stylist Allen Thomas Wood took to his Instagram account to show off the new trend. 

Wood explained to Teen Vogue that it was created by accident, saying that it was originally supposed to be a monochromatic stenciled headband… but he kept layering on more colours and it had a rainbow effect!

Wood used easy-to-wash-out products, NOT permanent dyes, to create this look - so it’s the perfect weekend style to try!

This looks so trippy and beautiful… though, we’ll need to enlist the help of our besties ti get this done right… 


While they look pretty AF, they don’t exactly do the job that a headband is supposed to do… 

You know, keep your hair out of your face… 

Oh well, the things we do for fashion. 

Would YOU try this?

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