Customised Foundation Has Arrived In Australia

Make your own!

Holy yes, FINALLY we can go into a makeup store and purchase a foundation that is literally made for our face. 

The Lip Lab has introduced customised foundation to match their hugely successful line of customised lipsticks.

You can custom blend every element of your foundation to perfectly match your skin tone and coverage preferences. 

Beauty bloggers Taz & Tai tested it out, and Tai had this to say about the process:

"We had the lovely Kim & Jaz in Perth take care of our faces, who firstly started off by asking us all about our skin. Mine, being dry and a little congested and Taz's being... well perfect.

"Kim recommended I go for the mineral moisture tint, as I like to keep my coverage pretty light. After blending a few different shades and finding the right tone, we added some hydration for my dry AF skin and some thinner & copper peptide for that dewyness we all wish we had.  

"Taz, who is way more makeup savvy than I, chatted with Jaz about her options and requested the mineral medium coverage (demi matte) with added texture firming and dewyness. Taz also opted to add a little more yellow & brown tones to created a more bronzed look."

Find your local Lip Lab store at their website