Chic Ideas To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel A LOT Bigger

Living in a shoebox?

Chic Ideas To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel A LOT Bigger

With the price of houses and apartments at the moment, it feels like all we’ll be able to afford is a shoebox-size place within our budget. 

It’s not exactly our dream kind of home… but until we can afford said dream home, we have to make do, and we’ve just found some killer ways for turning a small space - in particular your bedroom - into a haven that feels not-so-stuffy. 

Sound like a good idea?

Here are some tips to make your small bedroom feel a wee bit bigger!

Mirrors are your new best friend

Mirrors are the trick of the trade for making your room look bigger. 

You’ll need a pretty big one to do the trick though… It will make a huge difference. 

The middle of your room is NOT where you should put your bed

Having your bed in the middle of your room will take up TOO much space, which you could be using to fill with other pretty things. 

Trust us, move your bed elsewhere and make room for the activities...

Opt for lighter colours

You might like doom and gloom, but if you choose darker colours the walls will feel like they are literally closing in on you. 

Lighter shades will give the room an airy feel that suggests space - making you feel cozy, instead of cramped!

Opt for tall furniture, not wide

If you choose furniture that takes up the width or breadth of your room, it’s going to look even more cramped. 

So! Choose tallboys (or even floating shelves) that won’t take up the bulk of your floor space.

Otherwise, opt for under-bed storage to stow away your mess!

Make a statement

Choose a lush statement piece to be the centre of focus in your room - whether it be the bed, a snazzy rug, or a stellar lamp. 

It will help draw attention away from your shoebox-size room. (But don’t choose something that will take up your entire room…)