Blackberry Hair Is The PERFECT Trend For Brunettes

Great for Halloween!

Blackberry Hair Is The PERFECT Trend For Brunettes Instagram @ schmeggsandbaconn (Megan Schipani) / @ tottiehair

Everyone’s ALL for blueberries, but they’re so darn expensive and we’ve stumbled upon something even better. 


Or, more to the point, blackberry hair, and it’s the trend you’re definitely going to want to try!


This seductive shade, created by hair stylist Megan Schipani, takes a pop of purple to new levels to help brighter your look, coming out of winter. 

Using balayage techniques to lighten the brunette or darker) strands of hair, Megan then applied shades of purple and blue to achieve the look, which took eight hours to produce!

It’s super important to pick the shades of purple which will suit your skin tone, so speak to your hairdresser about it first. 

We think this could definitely help brighten our post-winter blues and would even be the perfect style for Halloween!


Are YOU keen to try this style out?


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