Apparently Your Thick Eyebrows Make You Seem Up Yourself

Sound like anyone YOU know?

Apparently Your Thick Eyebrows Make You Seem Up Yourself Instagram @ Cara Delevingne / Puma Sport Style / Lilyjcollins

Eyebrow trends have changed drastically over the last twenty years. 

We’ve gone from loving pencil thin eyebrows, to gushing over super thick eyebrows. 

But you might think differently of your current obsession with ones like Cara Delevingne’s or Lily Collins', because according to a recent study - thick eyebrows make you seem super up yourself!


The University of Toronto study took headshots of participants and then had them complete a standardised test used to measure your levels of narcissism, called the Narcissistic Personality Inventory

A second group of study participants were then shown these headshots and asked which ones seemed the most “self-important judging solely based on appearance.”

The study found that people could accurately judge others narcissism from not only the upper half of the face - but in particular your eyebrows!

They also found that the thickness and density directly linked to one’s level of narcissism.


Miranda Giacomin, the author of the study, spoke to Allure, revealing, "Thick brows are trendy right now. A person's preference for thick brows may be related to their desire to be attractive and popular.”

Not only this, but the need to have thick, on trend brows was often spurred by a participants need to be “noticed, recognised and remembered.”

You can read the study HERE

So…. do YOU know someone with on fleek brows who’s definitely up themselves?


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