8 Pics That Prove Christina Milian Was The 2000s Style Queen!

Which look is your fav?

8 Pics That Prove Christina Milian Was The 2000s Style Queen!

Images - Def Soul / Christina Milian Vevo

We had some GREAT fashionistas in the 2000s who worked all sorts of daring trends, but we need to take a moment to focus on one Christina Milian

The singer/actress who brought us noughties classics ‘When You Look At Me’, ‘AM To PM’ and Kim Possible’s ‘Call Me, Beep Me’, ticked so many fashion boxes - Here are just eight outfits which scream 2000s!

1. The peasant top! The fine dangly earnings! The lip gloss! The high pony! The bling choker! - It’s all too perfect!

2. The time the shimmer of Christina's eyeshadow took over her entire outfit! That crop with the low-cut jeans, hoop earrings, belly-button ring, watch AND personalised necklace.

3. Christina even donned this grouping of epic braids, midriff top, low-cut jeans and flashy belt, which one might see at some sort of underground krump battle surrounded by cars and money. The desired effect.  

4. THERE IS SO MUCH HERE! Those shades, the tied up denim one-piece, the silver boots, the way the one-piece thong dips into her jeans... just incredible.

5. Nothing says 'sporty meets sexy' like this outfit, complete with bedazzled belt and acrylics. 

6. Please look at this matching bright orange ensemble. Shout out to the white belt. 


7. Here Christina is donning the full volume high pony with crimped hair. Of course, she hasn't forgotten her hoops and flashy midriff! 

8. Finally, we have Christina rocking those beige tones fellow '00s babe JLo also loved. The singlet top + bra straps + hoops + eyeshadow + lip gloss + hair straightener combination is something we all need to tell future generations about 


Christina hasn't slowed down either, you can catch her performing in Australia at RnB Fridays LIVE 2017 this October and get some mad style inspo! 

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