5 MAGICAL Winter Hair Trends To Make You Feel Like Queen Elsa

What will YOU try?

5 MAGICAL Winter Hair Trends To Make You Feel Like Queen Elsa

Winter is definitely on its way and while we’re swapping our summer clothes for our winter knits, we’re trying to think of some ways to change up our hair game, too. 

Thankfully, there are some winter hair trends doing the rounds that we can all join in on!

Are you wanting to bring out a different side to your style this season? Give these trends a try!

Blinded by the BRIGHT 

Don’t let the darkness of winter get to you - lighten up, literally, instead!

Bright, artificial colours are back in, from pastel blossoms and peaches, to rose, brûlée, bluebell and multi-colours!




Short hair, DO care

You might think short hair is a no no for winter, because you want to cover up your neck to keep warm - but that’s what scarves are for!

Long hair is taking second place in the hair scene at the moment, with stylists opting for bobs, lobs and shoulder-length cuts. 




THAT 70’s look 

The 70’s are back in fashion, baby!

Opt for a curtain fringe, shag cute and heavy layering to channel some true 70s styles. 




Stay on top with a Topknot 

We all fell in love with this style before and it’s back in again!

This super easy style is great for a casual day at work, or sleeking it up a bit for a night out on town!




Baby bangs 

Don’t want to go down the usual fringe route?

Well, trust in Emma Watson’s style choices and opt for baby bangs!





What hair trend are YOU going to try this winter?

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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