$2000 Swarovski Water Bottles For Your Inner DIVA

This speaks to our soul...

$2000 Swarovski Water Bottles For Your Inner DIVA S'well

Sometimes we all need to feel like kings and queens… 

And what better way could there be to feel like this, than to drink our water from a luscious Swarovski covered water bottle?

Yep, the company S'well have teamed up with Swarovski and dropped a sparkly new collection of water bottles, dubbed The Brilliance Collection

The bottles have more than 6,000 hand-applied crystals and are a whopping $1,914…

They come in black, silver, navy, pink and red!

So far, only the pink version is available to buy, and all of the net profits from this edition will be given to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Christmas present anyone?

You can shop them HERE, and all of the bottles will be available from November 1st.