Zoë Foster Blake Shows Growing Baby Belly & Obviously, She’s Glowing

Go, baby bump, go!

Zoë Foster Blake Shows Growing Baby Belly & Obviously, She’s Glowing

Image credit: @zotheysay / Instagram

Ever since Zoë Foster Blake announced she had a second baby on the way in such hilarious context, Australia has been eagerly following her pregnancy. 

On Thursday, Zoë shared a candid pic on her Insta Story with her growing baby bump and we're all in awe of her pregnant glow and humour. 

Last week, the author opened up about the struggle of her first pregnancy in a raw post to her Instagram: -

"My second pregnancy has been a loooot better than my first. So, I’ve written a pretty boring, novel-length post about it, or more specifically, about pubic/pelvic pain in pregnancy, which messed me up the first time, but didn't this time, thanks to pilates, osteopathy, lots of dull at-home exercises and a spell from a lovely white witch named Brenda. The crux is: I didn’t know pelvic pain was A Thing, and I paid dearly for my ignorance. So: if you are a first time preggo, or know someone who is and who is in pain, please piff them the link in my bio. If you are neither pregnant nor care about this, please have a nuclear-strength margarita and some sushi for all of us who can’t. Many thanks."

The already-mum-of-one announced her pregnancy in February, so there's not too long to go now until young Sonny has a baby brother or sister!