Zoë Foster-Blake Is Releasing A New Book & OMFG!


Zoë Foster-Blake Is Releasing A New Book & OMFG! @zotheysay Instagram

Yes, you read that headline correctly, Zoë Foster-Blake, author, clothing designer, skin care guru, beauty guru, TV associate producer and all round LEGEND has a new book coming out!

If you're wondering how on earth this woman finds time to write a book in-between all of her other incredibly successful side projects then we only have one answer for you...

She's magical.


Zoë took to Instagram this morning to announce that her new book will be hitting shelves in November this year and we're so damn excited!

But before you start making room in your beach bag for another hilarious and relatable fiction novel, we should probably let you know... the book's about a fart.

The new book is, in fact, a picture book called No One Likes A Fart and has the cutest illustrations ever!

Zoë thought she'd "have a crack" at a picture book and we can already tell that this one will be a huge success!

"It fills me with GREAT gid and glee to announce my first picture book, No One Likes A Fart. 

"As an avid reader and deeply reverential fan of picture books, it was immensely pleasurable to have a crack at my own, the result of which wafts fragrantly above. 

"I kept things super classy in terms of content, (💨) and Adam Nickel did a brilliant, exuberant job of breathing life into my adorable little Fart, which is an interesting sentence should it be read out of context, but true nonetheless. 

"The book is so delightful, and adorable and ridiculous that I could just toot, but obviously never would. 

"Oh, and to those suggesting this book was a form of therapy in lieu of my husband’s musical rear: no comment."

No One Likes A Fart will be ready to purchase on November 13 and if you think your kidlets would love to read this gem and should be exposed to the genius of Zoë's writing early in life, you can pre-order it here!

Zoë, you're a national icon!