Zoë Foster Blake Announces She & The Family Are Moving To New York

"The pale, Aussie Griswolds."

Zoë Foster Blake Announces She & The Family Are Moving To New York Zoë Foster Blake Instagram

Everyone’s favourite couple, Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish Blake, have announced they are packing up their lives for three months as they travel abroad with their two little ones!

Zoë took to Instagram yesterday to post this brilliant throwback photo of a four-month-old Sonny when they last holidayed in Mykonos, revealing the family will be heading back to the Greek island before heading to Italy and eventually laying down roots in New York City.


"This is my four-month-old son at Nammos, in Mykonos. We're heading back to Mykonos soon, but this time he will be four years-old, a touch leaner, and accompanied by his baby sister. From there we head to Italy, then New York City, where we’ll live and work for a while…. All up, we will be traveling for three months.”

The acclaimed author says she and Hamish have been “marinating this for years.”

“A hefty slab of time away with our kids before they're in school; no work, no email, (for a portion of it, anyway) just the pale, Aussie Griswolds having the time of their lives.”

Okay we know she said no email… But that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop posting to Instagram right? Right?!

We need to see updates of Sonny and Rudy taking on the big apple!

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