Your Fave Instagrammer Is Actually CGI & Still Has More Followers Than You

What the actual...

Your Fave Instagrammer Is Actually CGI & Still Has More Followers Than You Instagram @ lilmiquela

I came across Miquela Sousa (@lilmiquela) on Instagram a little while back and she has fast become one of the new influencers taking over the app. 

If you’re an Insta nut, always following the latest in fashion, then surely you have heard of her. 

She looks like a regular young girl in her late teens, but in reality, she’s not even human. 


That’s right, she’s actually a computer generated influencer. 

A computer generated influencer with more followers than you… 1.2 million to be exact. 


I never thought I’d be jealous of a robot, but here I am, envious over the fact she's got all the latest in fashion I could only ever (currently) dream of. 

Not only that, but she’s an advocate for political issues and has singles on Spotify


HOW on earth does she do all this, you ask?

Well, her agents spoke to Elle Australia to reveal all about Miquela - from her hobbies to her latest collabs. 


But not how this whole CGI-influencer thing works!!!

According to Wikipedia, she’s a fictional character created by Trevor McFedries and Sara Decou, as a Digital Art computer-generated model and music artist. 

Activated in 2016, she’s amassed a lot of followers called ‘miquelites’, even though she isn’t real. 

I am perplexed!


In an age where we are obsessed with the online realms, the online has somehow become offline, with CGI-influencers collaborating with IRL people in so-called ‘face-to-face’ meetings… even though they don’t really exist… 


Is this a step in the direction of an innovative future?

Or is this leading somewhere dangerous and taking meaning away from the pursuits of humans in the arts industry?

Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments!



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