You’ve Been Pronouncing Ariana Grande WRONG This Whole Time

It ain't Grand-eh!

You’ve Been Pronouncing Ariana Grande WRONG This Whole Time AAP Photos

If you’re not on top of it already, Ariana Grande has dropped her new album ‘Sweetener’ and it is AMAZING, so listen to it on repeat today.

But that’s not all that’s new - it turns out we’ve been pronouncing Ariana’s name wrong this whole gosh darn time… 

In an interview with Beats 1, Ariana talked about her childhood and how her family actually pronounce their last name. 

It’s not actually pronounced like Grand-eh / Grahn-day!

“Well my brother kind of changed it to Grahn-day because, like, Grandee was kind of like the Americanised version of it, you know?

“My brother was like, ‘We should say Grahn-day! It’s fun to say – it’s, like, a funny name,’” she said

“I grew up saying Grand-ee and I think of my grandpa and I wish I said Grand-ee more.”


Upon arriving to America, Ariana’s grandad changed their last name’s pronunciation to Grand-ee to make it sound more ‘chill’. 

Ariana won’t be getting rid of her last name any time soon, now that she’s engaged, revealing she will be hyphenating the two names!

“I have to keep Grande because I think of my grandpa… he was so proud of our name.

“I feel like I’d like to eventually just be Ariana, you know? Isn’t that sick?” 


Do people pronounce YOUR name wrong all the time?

Let us know the worst mis-pronunciation of your name in the Facebook comments!


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