Why P!nk Is The BEST Role Model EVERY Girl Needs

She's an angel!

Why P!nk Is The BEST Role Model EVERY Girl Needs Instagram @ P!nk

We are SO excited for P!nk’s World Famous Rooftop in LA, and our enthusiasm is reminding us all of how much of a positive role model P!nk is in our lives. 

So, in honour of P!nk, we thought we’d figure out some of the reasons why she is the best role model that everyone could ever have!

She’s not afraid to go without makeup
P!nk knows how important ‘Me Time’ is 
She breaks stereotypes and barriers

P!nk doesn’t judge anyone and believes in spreading the love. 

She’s a supporter of marriage equality and even broke down gender stereotypes by proposing to her husband!

P!nk’s the perfect parent!
She’s no B.S & always honest
P!nk knows that great things take effort
She’s always trying to improve herself, but also loves the way she is!
P!nk believes in staying true to yourself!
She believes in love & positivity

P!nk once told us all, “Love is louder than fear. 

“Love is louder than ignorance.

“Love is louder than the pain.

“Love is louder than anything.”

She couldn’t be more right. 

She knows how to make fun of herself, WHILE loving herself
P!nk knows beauty comes from WITHIN

In an interview, P!nk told us all that her best beauty secret is to smile. To smile big and genuinely. 

The ONLY way to win your way to see P!nk LIVE on the World Famous Rooftop in LA is to keep listening to the Hit Network!