Watch The Sweet Moment Meghan Markle Meets Her 'Mini Me' In Sydney

We chatted to the lucky girl!

Watch The Sweet Moment Meghan Markle Meets Her 'Mini Me' In Sydney 2DayFM Facebook

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, better known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, touched down in Sydney earlier today and have been travelling the city, doing all of the fun things that tourists do when visiting our biggest city.

Of course, not everyone visiting Sydney is greeted by adoring fans at the steps of the Sydney Opera House!

Earlier today, the couple were meeting the Australian public when Prince Harry spotted a little girl wearing a t-shirt that read "Girls Can Do Anything".

Impressed by the shirt, The Duke approached the girl, complemented her on her choice of top and asked the girl if she wanted to meet his wife.

Why? Because the nine-year-old was the spitting image of the Duchess as a child!

As she approached, the little girl's grandmother explained that the family thought that she was the spitting image of Meghan as a child and funnily enough, the Duchess said that she "was literally about to say the same thing!"

Take a look at the adorable moment below:

We also chatted with the little girl after the meeting to see how she felt meeting her adult doppelgänger:


Then, we got sent the photo taken by Harry himself!


What a day!

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