Video Proof The Old Taylor Swift Is Definitely NOT Dead

She's better than EVER!

Video Proof The Old Taylor Swift Is Definitely NOT Dead Taylor Swift VEVO

Taylor Swift was out of the public eye for quite a while, so when she finally came back into the spotlight with new music, we ALL knew that everyone was going to have very mixed reactions. 

Her new tracks are definitely different to the Taylor we are used to hearing, and yes, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ even claims that the ‘old Taylor’ is ‘dead’. 

But, come one, it’s a song where she’s venting about all the sh@# she has been through and true Taylor fans know that the Taylor they love will always be the same.

For those of you that think differently, the ones that believe Taylor has changed for ’the worst’ and isn’t coming back, here’s some video proof that you’re wrong. 

Because the old Taylor is NOT dead, and we’re even more in love with her than ever.  

Taylor took to her Instagram page to share a sneak peek clip of her latest ventures, and any ‘the old Taylor is dead’ talk has gone out the window. 



Taylor teamed up with AT&T to show us all what she’s up to NOW, and we’ve never been filled with so much joy. 

Sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.


She’s too busy being the loveable, talented chick we all know and doesn’t have time to put up with people’s sh@#. 







We’re by your side in this, Tay Tay.