Tziporah Malkah Reveals Exciting Details About Her New Relationship

They are so cute!!!

Tziporah Malkah Reveals Exciting Details About Her New Relationship

Image Credit: Channel 10

Tziporah Malkah has revealed some pretty interesting details about her new relationship.

Last night, Tziporah formerly known as Kate Fischer, took to Instagram to share with her followers just how well things are going with her new man!

The former model and reality TV star, posted a pic of a gift from her boyfriend, which was a goodie bag filled with flowers, fruit and wine.


She captioned the photo with, "My Bae is tooooo much!"

This is soooo cute!!

Over the last few years, Tziporah has made it pretty clear that things weren’t going to well for her in the dating field.

But after being on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! It seems things have changed.


Last week, she appeared as a guest on Studio 10, and she revealed that her highly spoken about sexual drought was over.

Tziporah announced, "Recently I re-met someone I met as a teenager, I was 14, a daggy model, and he was 17 — in the navy. I was innocent and he was quite happy to do away with that ... and I wasn’t sad either."


They lost touch and hadn’t spoken to each other for over 30 years, it wasn’t until the photos surfaced of Tziporah last year of her wearing just a bed sheet that they got back in touch.

She continued, "He found me on Facebook because he saw me in that awful sheet toga thing… Straight after the jungle I was right down, my six-year drought is over ... yay!"


We are so glad that’s she finally found someone who makes her happy!

Tziporah’s story just proves that you’ll always make your way back to the right person.