This Tumblr Shows Us What Celebs REALLY Looked Like As Teens


This Tumblr Shows Us What Celebs REALLY Looked Like As Teens Warner Bros. Television / DreamWorks Pictures

Tumblr might not be as popular as Facebook or Instagram for a lot of people anymore, but this gem of a Tumblr has made our day!

Ann Foster’s Actual Teen vs. Adult Teen blog is a look at clearing up all those Hollywood lies about what we should like like at any given age!

How, you ask?

WELL, basically, Ann gathers a whole lot of comparison pics of actors as a) actual teenagers, and then b) their adult selves playing a teenager in a movie/TV show. 

We can;t believe how old some of them are when they’re playing teens still!

Explore the wormhole below!

Bianca Lawson

Images via Actual Teen vs. Adult Teen Blog

"On the left, 18-year-old Bianca Lawson plays 17-year-old Kendra on Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Ann explains. 

"On the right, 31-year-old Bianca Lawson plays 17-year-old Maya on Pretty Little Liars.


Luke Perry

Luke Perry Graduating From High School at Age 18, 1984

27-year old Luke Perry Pretending To Graduate From High School as the Class of 1993


Andrew Garfield

On the left, 21-year-old Andrew Garfield as Tom on Sugar Rush.

On the right, 30-year-old Andrew Garfield as 18-year-old Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-man 2.


Tobey Maguire

On the left, 17-year-old Tobey Maguire as Chuck in This Boy’s Life.

On the right, 26-year-old Tobey Maguire as teenaged Peter Parker in Spider-Man.


Cole Sprouse 

On the left, teenage Cole Sprouse as Cody from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

On the right, 24 year old Cole Sprouse as Jughead on Riverdale.


Lili Reinhart

Above, 16 year old Lili Reinhart in Forever’s End

Below, 20 year old Lili Reinhart as Betty in Riverdale


Emma Roberts 

She NEVER ages...!!!

On the left, 17-year-old Emma Roberts in Wild Child.

On the right, 25-year-old Emma Roberts as high school senior Vee in Nerve.


Carey Mulligan 

On the left, 19-year-old Carey Mulligan as Kitty in Pride & Prejudice.

On the right, 28-year-old Carey Mulligan as teenage Daisy in a flashback scene in The Great Gatsby.


Felicity Jones

On the left, teenage Felicity Jones as Ethel in The Worst Witch.

On the right, 30-year-old Felicity Jones as teenage Sophie in Breathe In.


Alexis Bledel



Leonardo DiCaprio

Left: 17 y/o Leo as Luke in Growing Pains

Right: 28 y/o Leo as 17 y/o Frank in Catch Me If You Can


What image of youth is Hollywood really trying to portray to us?

Older, or more realistic?

Do YOU think actors are too old for teen roles these days?!

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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