'The Voice' Singer GROSSES Out Fans With Horrifying Pic Of Spider Bite

This is awful...

'The Voice' Singer GROSSES Out Fans With Horrifying Pic Of Spider Bite

Image Credit: Instagram @ meghanlinsey.

Meghan Linsey won everyone’s hearts when she wowed the US audience on The Voice, but she has just shared a horrifying story that has everyone cringing… 

The runner-up for season eight of the hit show spoke of how she woke up on February 12 of this year, in her Nashville home, to discover a dead spider in her hand.

Gross enough on its own, yeah?

It gets worse. 

Meghan decided to take the spider to the emergency room along with her, and found out that she has been bitten by a brown recluse. 

It might not seem so bad, considering that the brown recluse has ‘medically-significant venom’, but in unlucky cases its bite can turn necrotic. 

Unfortunately for Meghan, she was unlucky and experienced the bites horrible ability to eat away at her skin… 

Meghan documented it all on Instagram and we can’t believe how terrifying it all is!


These pics are hard to share, but I think it's important for me to be open with you guys. Everything isn't perfect all of the time. We all go through hard stuff. 

"So, 9 days ago, on February 12, I woke up to a stinging sensation on my face. I looked and in my right hand was a dead spider. Somehow while I was sleeping, a spider had bit me and I had killed it. This scenario is literally on the top of my nightmare list. 

"The stinging was awful and I knew it had to be poisonous. I put the spider in a bag and headed to urgent care."



"Over the course of the last 9 days, I have experienced the most insane symptoms. "From excruciating nerve pain in my face, muscle spasms, full body rash, extreme swelling... etc. It has really been rough. 

"It has been confirmed that I was bit by a brown recluse spider, one of two of the most poisonous spiders in the US." 



"I am still dealing with the wound on my face, but I finally found the right meds to control the nerve pain. I know I'm not out of the woods on this yet, but I am so incredibly grateful for my health and I will never take it for granted again. 

"Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. I will be getting back in the studio this week, to work on the new record! I can't wait to finish it. And I can't wait to get back on the road on March 9 & 10- I will be playing in Alaska!" 



"And PLEASE, if you live in area where these spiders are, do some research and learn how to protect yourself! I know this is not common at all, but better safe than sorry!"

How truly horrifying…