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The Internet Still Has Questions For Beyonce About Her Twins Names

What is it REALLY?!

The Internet Still Has Questions For Beyonce About Her Twins Names

Image: @beyonce Instagram

By now you would have all seen the ethereal image of Beyoncé cradling her baby twins.

The singer introduced Sir and Rumi Carter to the world this afternoon (Australian time) and we literally flipped our lids!


Now initially, fans celebrated the fact that the baby twins had finally arrived and graced us with their presence...

But now, people have started asking a few questions about the twins names.

In the post, Beyoncé introduced her babies as "Sir Carter and Rumi".

Of course, the Beyhive started wondering if this was correct or if Queen Bey had just had a quick case of "mummy brain"...


So is it Sir Carter Carter?

Or Just Sir Carter?

Or is it Sir Carter and Rumi is actually just Rumi?

Is she pulling a Madonna?

Well, luckily, Ms Tina Knowles aka the woman who brought Beyoncé into the world was able to clarify everything for us.



"Happy my baby shared a photo of her babies with the world.

"Proud grandma hello Sir Carter and Rumi Carter."

So that settles that... it's just Sir Carter, guys.

Oh, and if you were wondering what gender the twins actually were as well, Tina was happy to clarify that for us as well...

"Boy and girl what a blessing."